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Introduction to the SDK

Hansoft’s SDK is a programming API that gives access to the data on Hansoft’s server and allows development of custom solutions and integrations. The SDK code can be written in C, C++, Java or any of the .NET languages. With the SDK module, you also get access to all Hansoft’s ready made integration’s.


  1. To use the SDK your Hansoft license needs to have the SDK module applied to it. If you do not have the SDK module contact support@hansoft.com for information on how to activate it.
  2. Every SDK plugin or integration needs to have access to a unique SDK user in order to authenticate itself towards a Hansoft database. SDK users can only be created by the default Administrator account.

Creating the SDK User

Similarly to a regular user, each SDK user can only have one active session towards the Hansoft server, though it can impersonate multiple users at the same time. A SDK user does not take up a license.

SDK users have a number of different settings not available for regular users.

SDK sync methods: Similarly to a Hansoft client, an integration which connects to a Hansoft server downloads a local copy of the database. The sync methods settings determines which data to download. The default value will only sync data linked to the projects the SDK user is a member of, while the alternative will sync all project data on the database (as if the SDK user is a member of all projects on the database).

Services provided: Integrations can be used to authenticate users logging in from outside the client, in that case the provide credential resolution services option must be ticked on the SDK user for that integration. The provide login authentication integration services option is used for SDK users used with the LDAP integration.

Chat: Tick this option if you want the SDK user to be available in the Hansoft chat tool. This can be used to allow for integrations sending automated chat messages, status updates etc.

For a more in depth documentation of the SDK, please refer to the .chm file provided with the SDK bundle, which can be downloaded here.

For more information on how to acquire an SDK license please contact Hansoft Support

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