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Hansoft Backup Service

The backup tool installs a service which utilizes the VSS writer part of Hansoft to minimize server downtime when backing up larger databases. There is a settings file where you specify databases, directories and backup intervals. The service freezes the specified databases, takes a snapshot, unfreezes the db's and then proceeds to run a full backup on the snapshot copy. It makes entries in the server log for the freeze/unfreeze events so that you can monitor that the backup has run correctly.

The configuration file is presented during the installation but you can choose to edit it at a later time as well.

In the settings file you specify paths to the database or databases you want to backup, hour of the day the backup should run, retry time, logging interval, backup at start and e-mail notifications. This is commented in the settings file itself as well. An example of the settings file is attached to this article.


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