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How to create a report returning current sprint work

In this article we walk you through how to create a report that always returns the current sprint work, so that you do not have to update your sprint reports at the end of every sprint. In Hansoft, start by opening the Report Editor (found under the More... menu) in the planning view of the project you are working in. Here we will combine a few criteria / filters, but the main one to achieve what we need is 'General condition - Ongoing work':

In the example report above we start by filtering on ongoing work. This will return all non-complete items where the current date is between the start and end date. For sprint items it will return all items where the sprint fulfils this date criteria, whereas for releases it will return all releases where the current date is on/before the set date for the release.

We then filter on the item types we are looking for. In this example we are only interested in sprint backlog items. These can be either backlog items, sub projects or bugs. However, backlog items and sub projects can exist outside sprints if you are running a mixed method project, or if you have sub project containers for your sprints. In order to remove those items we then create a criteria where we filter on 'Committed to sprint' and the choice 'No sprint' for that criteria. We make this excluding (right-click on the box) which the red border indicates. 

The final report query should look like this: GeneralconditionOngoingwork = true AND (Itemtype="Backlog item" OR Itemtype="Sub project" OR Itemtype=Bug) AND !Committedtosprint= Item()

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