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Syncing epics

Both items in Hansoft and JIRA can be marked as Epics, signalling that they have a specific purpose in the project. In JIRA this is done by making the item of the type 'Epic' while in Hansoft items in the backlog can have a specific flag of the 'Epic' type.

Since version 9.1006 of the integration the epic tag is synced between the systems.

Items of the epic type in JIRA will get the epic flag in Hansoft and items flagged as epics in Hansoft will be created as an epic type in JIRA when synced. 

Removing the epic flag in Hansoft will not change the item type in JIRA but changing the epic type in JIRA will remove the epic flag in Hansoft.

For more information on the epic flag in Hansoft see Prioritizing A Part Of The Backlog

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