How to have the same priority column in both Product Backlog and Planning View

Note: Only Main Managers can do this.

By default there are two distinct priorities in Hansoft, (1) the product backlog priority representing business value and (2) the sprint backlog priority more often associated with technical delivery.

When conducting sprint planning it can sometimes be useful to have the Product Backlog Priority side-by-side with the Sprint Backlog Priority. This is how you set this up.



Warning: After these changes you will have to reprioritize your product backlog (which sometimes is a good thing).

Step 1: Create a custom priority column

  • The first thing you will have to do is to create a new custom column.
  • In this example we re-create an exact copy of the existing product backlog priority and as that already exists in the product backlog we create the column in the planning view. (Note: If you will call it something else you can create it in the product backlog as well)
  • The column is required to be of type Drop list single choice.


  • It is important to note the name of the column, the order in you create the options and the icons that you use.
  • Press OK and answer Yes that you want to create the column in the Product Backlog view as well.

Step 2: Replace the default product backlog priority column

  • In the Product Backlog, go to More > Customize Project > Agile and Scheduling
  • Change the Agile product backlog priority to your new column:


  • Answer Yes to the question to remove the default product backlog priority


Step 3: Create the column in the planning view (again)

  • Create the exact same column in the planning view now (same name, type, create the options in the same order and with the same icons)
  • Click OK
  • Answer Yes to the first question

  • Answer No to the second question

  • You now have the priority column in both views:

Step 4 (optional): Make it only editable in the Product Backlog View

Typically, you would want the product backlog priority to be controlled by the Product Owner in the Product Backlog so in this step we make it read-only in the planning view.

  • Go to More > Customize Project, select the priority column and click Edit column:


  • Answer Yes to the question

  • Now it is not possible to edit the Product backlog priority in the planning view

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