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Pipeline task settings

Editing a pipeline tasks brings up this window:

Pipeline task settings

The pipeline task name is reflected when selecting a pipeline in the Planning section.

Options for newly created pipelines

When a new task is created, it can be given a default work remaining or duration, be automatically assigned to a user or user group, and have a particular workflow or pipeline applied to it.

Breaking down tasks

Pipeline tasks can be allowed or restricted in terms of how they can be broken down, and whether a workflow can be applied to the pipeline tasks. Enabling break down lets users insert or paste sub-tasks on the pipeline task in the Planning section. Letting users select a workflow is useful for quality sign-offs on pipeline tasks.

Kanban options are described in the Kanban chapter.

Note: Whenever a pipeline is updated, certain information (user assignments, rescheduling, work remaining etc.) might be destroyed. For this reason, the options above apply to newly created tasks, rather than existing ones.

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