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Arranging tasks (and user leveling)


Hansoft has support for traditional user leveling in task scheduling. However, leveling as an approach to balancing workload is generally a bit of a dead end in growing development teams. Many teams today have previous experience with leveling, using standard scheduling tools like Microsoft® Project®, before their teams became too large.

Hansoft is designed to support and enable an approach focused on delegated responsibilities and empowered teams which have a more collaborative approach to scheduling. We have found that this approach allows for great gains in company productivity.

User leveling and arranging tasks can be done in a variety of ways that can be seen in the following examples:

A set of tasks that you want to arrange can look like this:


You can arrange tasks by using keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + A (Cmd + Shift + A). The starting point of the new arrangement will be the first selected task:


It is recommended that if you want to perform user leveling based on a priority column, you sort the custom columns first before arranging them (press Ctrl + 1, or Cmd + 1)


You can now arrange them by numeric data in the custom "CustomPrio" column and user (in this case keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + 1, or Cmd + Shift + 1).


To perform user leveling for one or more users, it is recommended that you use Show>Show individual allocation and then select a user. Open Find and write the name of the user. In this way, you will get a clear view of the user when working with user leveling:

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