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About the Hansoft Git Integration

The Hansoft Git integration is designed to allow you to tie Git commits to items in Hansoft, to provide context and traceability to your work. Users establish a link either by specifying the relevant Hansoft items when performing a commit (using git hooks) or by adding relevant commits in the Hansoft client.

This manual helps you set up, configure and start using the Hansoft Git integration.


Integration service

The core component of the Hansoft Git integration runs as a separate process, handling all the logic. It is the central hub, communicating with Hansoft and with the Git repositories.

Integration client plugin

The Hansoft client runs a plugin to provide the interface for user interactions, such as selecting tasks to be associated with Git commits. This plugin is downloaded automatically from the Hansoft server, and requires no setup beyond what the user can do from within the application.

Update hook

Relays updates in the central repository to the integration.

Commit message hook

Requests Hansoft task information from the client.

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