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Using triggers for submit checks

When you change a status on submit or edit the Perforce integration performs a check to see if the new status is valid and the current user has the rights to transition to it. If this is not the case, the integration silently reverts the status. If you want feedback from Perforce you have to enable the trigger that is included with the Perforce integration.

Under the Perforce integration install directory you will find an application called HPMP4TriggerTool:

If you run Perforce on Mac OS X or 32 bit Linux use the supplied binaries and rename them to HPMP4Triggertool. If you are on another platform, compile the included source file (Main.cpp).

Copy this file to your Perforce installation directory. You can then turn on the trigger checks by entering a Perforce integration trigger host. The host name should be the name of the host where the Perforce integration is running and the optional port, separated by colon. Example: somehost.example.com:50357

The trigger now enables the Perforce integration to perform the submit checks before the actual Perforce submit and give feedback to the user:

There are two options to bypass the trigger check under general settings:

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