Hansoft-Perforce integration


  • Generate Perforce job spec automatically from Hansoft column configuration.
  • Integrate multiple Hansoft servers/databases with one Perforce server.
  • Integrate different Perforce servers into various projects in one database.
  • Separate Perforce integration settings for different projects and the backlog and QA tabs.
  • Choose which columns should be replicated in Perforce.
  • Choose which columns should be replicated as read only in Perforce.
  • Access Perforce fix history from Hansoft with links bringing you to information on the P4Web server.
  • Change status of an item from within Perforce and force workflow rules with help of Perforce triggers.
  • Use Hansoft reports to select which Hansoft items should be replicated in Perforce.
  • Bind Hansoft users to Perforce users to enable submit checks.
  • Send admin email notifications about errors encountered.
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    Mohanta, TarunKumar - Contractor

    Hi Team,

    We are planing to use the latest Perforce Integration in our production Environment, But Before applying this service to production, We would like to have a complete round of testing.

    So that the service would work without any error in production. We have install hansoft server version 9.2070 in our Dev Environment along with Perforce Integration V9.2009. Integration service is running fine in services but unable to customize the integration in project level. We have enable the integration service from Perforce global setting. But still have some issue.