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Hansoft-Perforce integration


  • Generate Perforce job spec automatically from Hansoft column configuration.
  • Integrate multiple Hansoft servers/databases with one Perforce server.
  • Integrate different Perforce servers into various projects in one database.
  • Separate Perforce integration settings for different projects and the backlog and QA tabs.
  • Choose which columns should be replicated in Perforce.
  • Choose which columns should be replicated as read only in Perforce.
  • Access Perforce fix history from Hansoft with links bringing you to information on the P4Web server.
  • Change status of an item from within Perforce and force workflow rules with help of Perforce triggers.
  • Use Hansoft reports to select which Hansoft items should be replicated in Perforce.
  • Bind Hansoft users to Perforce users to enable submit checks.
  • Send admin email notifications about errors encountered.
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