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JIRA versions, JIRA-Agile, Releases and Sprints

JIRA Versions - Hansoft Sprints and Releases

In JIRA, Versions are used to plan out your project in time and enables you to tag issues to these Versions. In Hansoft this is primarily done using Releases, together with Sprints, in the timeline view in your Project Schedule. When the integration is syncing a project, all Versions in JIRA are made available in a custom column in Hansoft, just like any other JIRA specific attributes. See the Column matching section for more info on this. Since Sprints and Release in Hansoft are time planning objects, they are synced to JIRA as Versions.

The integration will sync all Sprints/Releases in Hansoft to JIRA as Versions. You can however configure which of the Versions on the JIRA side that are archived or not to avoid cluttering the Versions list for your users.

This is done with a report in the Project Integration Settings just as for your regular items. If no report is selected in this drop down, all synced Versions will be un-archived and available for use on the JIRA side. If you select a report, only those sprints and releases found by that report will be un-archived in JIRA.

If you are using a custom column value to decide which items that get synced to JIRA, for example, you can use the same report for both your regular items and sprint/releases.

Archiving a Sprint in Hansoft will archive the corresponding Version in JIRA even though it is found by the selected report.

Note: Even though you can configure the different sections to use a report for un-archiving Versions, the report in question must be created in the Project Schedule section in Hansoft.

JIRA Agile

With the Agile plugin in JIRA you can link two Versions together in a parent-child relationship to create a type of sprint object. In Hansoft this is more intimately represented by the Sprint object which you can tag to a Release to track development progress on a higher level. When a Sprint is tagged to a Release in Hansoft, the corresponding Versions in JIRA will also be connected with the Release as the parent in the relationship. Likewise, an agile item in Hansoft which is committed to a sprint will in JIRA be tagged to the corresponding Version.

Updating start and end dates

The integration only supports syncing of Sprints/Releases created in Hansoft, meaning that you cannot retroactively sync existing Versions to Hansoft. Rescheduling of synced Versions must also be done on the Hansoft side. Updates made to a Versions "Start/End Date" on the JIRA side will just be resynced by the integration to the start/end dates found in Hansoft.

Fix Version - Committed to Sprint / Tagged to Release

In Hansoft, Sprints, Product Backlog items and Task Schedule tasks can be Tagged to a Release and Agile items can be committed to Sprints. This relationship to a Sprint or Release in Hansoft is connected to the Fix Version column in JIRA.

Version Description

Note: Do not update this field for synced items. The Version Description field in JIRA is used by the integration to identify the items. Updating this field will cause the integration to lose its identifier for the item and a new Version will be created.

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