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Installation overview

Note: Before deploying the JIRA integration with your production Hansoft server, you should test your configuration against an isolated Hansoft test server and also a sample JIRA project. This will make the actual implementation much easier and ensure that a minimum of changes needs to be made after you go live.

In addition to the above we strongly recommend that you enable the e-mail notifications in the IntegrationSettings file. These notifications contain valuable information for when you are matching your Hansoft and JIRA workflows for example. You can read more about the config file here: Detailed installation instructions

To run the Hansoft JIRA integration you need to have a Hansoft license with the SDK module enabled. To enable the SDK module on your license or request a SDK sandbox license contact support@hansoft.com.

The Hansoft JIRA Integration runs as a Hansoft SDK client process, that logs on to the JIRA server to read/write and update data.

The Installation proceeds roughly as follows (more detailed instructions follow):

  1. Create an SDK user in your Hansoft database.  The JIRA Integration uses this account to log into the Hansoft server to create and modify data. When this user is Online the information specified in the settings file is correct.
  2. Create or obtain a user account for your JIRA server.  The JIRA Integration uses this account to log into the JIRA server and projects to perform data updates.  You also need the server name and port for the JIRA server that you want to connect to.
  3. Obtain the network address and port of the SMTP mail-server that the JIRA Integration needs to send out its e-mail notifications.  If the server requires authentication, obtain or create the username/password pair that the JIRA Integration is to use.
  4. Install the JIRA integration on the system that will act as the JIRA notification listener.
  5. Enter the JIRA information in the JiraIntegrationSettings file in JIRA integration installation folder.
  6. Install the integration plugin on your JIRA server. The plugin .jar files are found in the integration install directory.
  7. Go to the Integration settings in for the applicable view(s) in Hansoft.
  8. Specify which JIRA projects that you want Hansoft to synchronize/get data from.
  9. Create a report in Hansoft that filters out the items that should be synchronized with JIRA.
  10. Create a query filter in JIRA to specify which issues that should be synced to Hansoft.
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