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Migrating to Hansoft shares

Scenario 1

You have existing users on a Hansoft server. You install a new server with a separate license holding no users and share the users to the newly installed Hansoft server. The existing server in this scenario will be the "Home" server and the server the users are shared to will become the "Guest" server.


Scenario 2

A common scenario would be that you have two servers, both with their individual set of users. You want to centralize your license management and transfer your users to one "Home" server sharing users to one or multiple guest servers.

• Ensure that the server that will be the "Home" server has a license with the correct number of users.

• Create a share on the server that is to become the "Guest" server and share the users to the "Home" server. On the "Home" server your transform the users to "Home users".

• A "Share" is now created on the "Home" server; the ticket is imported on the "Guest" server.

• The users can now be merged by using Replace remote user with guest user, and the license for the "Guest" server can now have its user count reduced to 0.


Scenario 3


Another approach would be to create the users on the server that is to become the "Home" server. Create a share and use the Replace remote user with guest user to merge the shared users with the corresponding users on the "Guest" server.

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