Getting started with the trial on Windows



Download the trial

Start by downloading the trial package from the Hansoft website.


Note:The user installing the Hansoft trial or the Hansoft server needs to have administrative rights


By default the trial will be installed to the following directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\Hansoft\Project Manager Server.

Once the installation is completed the Hansoft client will launch and you will be able to log in. The client is pre-configured with the settings needed to logon to the trial server, which is installed locally.

Should you need to fill in the connection details manually the server address is 'localhost' and the port is '50256' when connecting from the same machine the server is installed on. 


The Hansoft trial comes with three pre-defined users, the ‘Administrator’ account, which exists in all Hansoft databases, and two example users; ‘Example Proj Manager’ and ‘Example Team User’. The default password for all three users is ‘hpmadm’.



Allowing other users to connect to my server

In order for a user to be able to connect to the Hansoft server the user needs the server name or IP of the server and what port the Hansoft server is listening to (default is 50256).


When installing the Hansoft trial on a PC the server name will be the same as the computer name, which can be found by right-clicking ‘My computer’ and selecting ‘Properties’.

Depending on your windows version, the computer name location may vary.


The server name will be the same as the name of the computer. Once you have input the server name/IP and port, click connect to proceed to the login.




Logging in as the administrator

Once you have installed the Hansoft trial you will need to login as the pre-defined administrator. Through this account you can create additional users and also customize their administrative privileges, .

Login using the administrator account.The password is by default set to "hpmadm".


To learn more about Hansoft functionality, consult the online documentation at Hansoft.




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  • Avatar
    Kenneth Daniel Fredericks
    im trying to log into administrator account but the default password isnt working for some reason
  • Avatar
    Erik Jakubek
    Hi Kenneth, Since this is in regards to server administration, we recommend submitting a support request. You can also try looking through the system administrator guide while you wait
  • Avatar
    DJ Dirk

    When I try to connect the Hansoft server as localhost and Port 50256 I get the "Could not connect to server." everytime.

  • Avatar
    Hans A. Borolien

    Could not connect to server when trying to connect.

    Os: Windows 10
    Server: localhost
    Port: 50256

    I would recommend you to have a look at this!

  • Avatar
    Jeremy Stewart

    The administrator password for the client is the password set under "Database Config" during installation. The docs here are unclear on that unfortunately

  • Avatar
    Erik Mats

    @Jeremy: There are two different flavors of the Server installer: Server install and Trial install. The latter does not prompt for any password but uses "hpmadm". I think you must have used the Server installer.

    @Hans and @DJ If you still have this problem please try:
    1. Check that the service is actually running
    2. Consider the advice at this page:
    3. Reach out to Hansoft support:

    Thank you