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Installing the server on OS X

To install the Hansoft server on Mac OS X, first download the .dmg installation file from the Hansoft website.

Once you have saved the dmg file on your hard drive, double-click it and follow the instructions.


During the installation a guide will let you configure your administrator password and create a database.

Server install location
Service name The name of the service
Run service as user The user that will run the service

If the username you provided is not already associated with an existing user, Hansoft will create one for you.

Install directory The directory in which you install the server


Server configuration
Name The name of the server
Port The port that will be used by the server
Hostname The server address
Admin password The server password

This is the password used to login to the server administrator client and is used to perform administrative tasks such as backup and restore.

Confirm password Confirm password for the server


Database configuration
Name The name of the database.
Admin password The password for the Administrator user of the database. This password is used to login to the Hansoft client and perform administrative actions for this database.
Confirm password Confirm password for the database
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