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Workflow status settings

Workflow status settings dialog

On a workflow status you have these options:


·Selecting a status name and icon.

·Select which data a user must fill in before leaving this status (for example, a comment must be written).

When reaching this status

Setting work remaining to X hours. Useful for quality iterations (alpha, beta or gold quality where each stage resets work remaining).

Assigning to users/group. For example auto assigning to user group QA Testers when reaching a testing stage in the workflow.

Sending E-mail notifications to users/groups. For example sending a mail when reaching status "Testing completed" to managers.

Settings item status (affecting both agile and scheduling items) to not done or completed. Useful in a "Testing failed" status when the item is reassigned to the user who was assigned to do the task in the first case before testing begun.

Additional options

Go to this workflow status when the item is assigned to someone.

Cannot set "Not assigned" when selecting a user in this status. Useful when users want to reassign the item to someone else. They should not be able remove all users from the item.

Let assigned users reassign the item to someone else in their To do list. Useful when a user thinks that another co-worker is better suited to perform the task.

Go to selected workflow status when the item is set to "Completed". Useful in a testing or art review scenario. When the task is done it is for example automatically set to workflow status "Testing by QA" and assigned to different testers.

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