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Pipelines in the product backlog

While in a sprint, items with a pipeline will appear with all the steps visible as individual rows.

Pipeline tasks in a sprint

In the product backlog, on the other hand, pipeline items will appear as single-row summaries. The backlog is intended to provide a more aggregated view, not primarily dealing with individual tasks.

Pipeline tasks in the backlog

By viewing the product backlog through the Priority view, which normally sorts items on their Product backlog priority, items can also be sorted on their pipelines. This is a convenient way of tracking how different pipelines are progressing, as the items will be sorted first whose pipelines have further progression.

Backlog priority view sorted by pipeline

Items in the product backlog can be committed to a part of a pipeline that allows breaking itself down into sub-pipeline tasks. This further highlights the differing purposes of the backlog and the Planning section: The backlog is for tracking progress on high-level goals or assets, while the Planning section is for contextualizing that work for the team.

Pipeline items committed as steps in a larger pipeline

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