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Printing and data importing/exporting

Click on Print (Ctrl + P, or Cmd + P) on the main main toolbar to bring up the Printing window.


One easy way to change the way the document should be printed is to move the mouse over a column or the timeline view in the print preview. From there, you can grab it with your left mouse button and start dragging. With this action, you can change the column width or the timeline view start/end date.

Data importing/exporting (XML, spreadsheets or tab separated text)

All data in Hansoft Project Manager can be exported and imported as XML (eXtended Markup Language). This includes among other things users, projects, item lists and allocations. This can be very handy if you want to use the project data that you have produced in another application. Many modern office programs and other applications support XML importing.

To export data press Export this view as XML in More.. > Export menu:

You can also export data in spreadsheet (.xls) format and as tab separated text.

You can import data in Hansoft XML format or in Microsoft Project (2003 or later) XML format. For a tutorial in how to import Microsoft Project 2003 XML click here.

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