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The Show menu

A useful tool in Hansoft is the "Show" option available on the toolbar in the Planning section and product backlog. Options for Showing comments and User story or Detailed description text are available in "Portfolio Find" and the "Quality Assurance" part of Hansoft.

  • Show individual allocation: This option is only available to users who have access to the Portfolio Allocations view. When activated this will show the allocation for the project members below the timeline and item list view.
  • Show last comment in list: Shows the latest comment on an item in the tree view, below the item name.
  • Show rank in list: Displays the stack ranking priority of an item in the hierarchy view in the leftmost column. With this option off the stack ranking priority is only shown in the priority view. This allows users to view the items in the context of the hierarchy while still knowing what their absolute priority is.
  • Show user stories in list: Shows the user story for an item in the tree view, below the item name.
  • Show assigned to me only: Only shows items the user is currently assigned to.
  • Show editable by me only: Only shows items the user can edit. Not visible to main managers as they can edit all items.
  • Show archived items: Shows items that have been archived and are normally hidden.
  • Hide auto-shown items: This option is available after a user follows a link to an item that was previously hidden to them because of other show settings. These show settings are then overridden for that item and its parent. Users can reset their view to its original state by using the 'Hide auto-shown items' option.
  • Show completed items: Shows items that have the 'Completed' status. 
  • Change view to preset: Change current user view preset.

 The Show menu in the backlog view has one additional option, Show committed items. This allows you hide any items committed to the planning view.


To archive items. Select a part of the project you want to hide by archiving in the context click menu:

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