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Indent, outdent and summary activities

A corner stone in arranging the activity list is through indenting and outdenting activities.

This is primarily used when...

·You want to split up the plan into categories, users or sub-projects.

·You have a large project plan and want to work only with a portion of it. You can collapse the part of the project plan you want to hide and work only with visible part.

Indenting and outdenting

Select the activities you want to indent or outdent in the timeline activity list.

1) Select Indent or Outdent from the menu by clicking the right mouse button over a task in the list.

2) Press Tab on the keyboard to indent or press Shift + Tab on the keyboard to outdent.

Summary activities

When you indent an activity the activity above it will become a summary activity. The summary activity can be collapsed and expanded just like a regular tree, just click the minus and plus signs to the right of summary task name.

The start and end date of the summary activity is decided by the earliest and the latest task under it in the timeline activity list.

You can connect activities to summary activities and vice versa. The connection will then affect all activities under the summary activity.

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