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Inserting and deleting activities

This section covers how to insert and delete activities. Activities are objects inserted in the timeline view such as tasks and releases.

The toolbar for working in Scheduled mode

Tip: When you are finished inserting tasks and releases, proceed to set the name, start, finish and duration.

Inserting a task

Inserting a task is done by clicking the Scheduled task button on the main timeline toolbar, or by pressing Ctrl + N (Cmd + N). The task will be inserted after the currently selected item.

Inserting a release

You insert a release (also referred to as a release) by clicking the Release button on the toolbar, or by pressing Ctrl + M (Cmd + M). The release will be inserted after the currently selected item.

Deleting an item

Deleting items can be done either by clicking the Delete button, by pressing the Delete key, or by right-clicking the intended item and select Delete.

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