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Getting started with Task scheduling

Each project has a timeline view where the activities (tasks and releases) you create will be listed on the left and visualized on the right. Above the timeline view is the main main toolbar and beneath it is the Activities details window.

From Hansoft 5.3 and onwards you commit items from the product backlog to a schedule. This is very useful because features can be listed, categorized and analyzed in the product backlog and then planned out in the Planning section. Read more about using the product backlog in scheduling projects here.

An example of a scheduled task in a project:

Tip: After you have read this page, start with inserting tasks.

Two important things to have in mind when making the project plan:

·When you are making a project plan and assign tasks to users or change anything, it will have an immediate effect to all users connected to the project server.

·The project can have several project managers, each with his/her own project plan. If you want to co-ordinate between several project managers in the same project, Hansoft recommends the Portfolio allocations tool. This is covered in the Portfolio allocations section of this help manual.

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