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Integration service setup

This guide assumes that you have a Hansoft installation up and running, and a Git repository available.

Create an SDK user

Creating an SDK user from the "Administration" section of Hansoft


In Hansoft, create an SDK user that the integration can use. This is done by the Hansoft Administrator account, by clicking "Create SDK user" under the "Administration" tab.

Edit GitIntegrationSettings

Open the GitIntegrationSettings file in a text editor.

Specify a Hansoft Database

Specify the Hansoft database and SDK user in HansoftDatabase.




 Host localhost                // The IP address or DNS name of the Hansoft server to connect to. 

 Port 50255                        // The port of Hansoft server to connect to.

 Database "GitProject"        // The Hansoft database to connect to.

 User GitIntegrationSDK        // The SDK account in the Hansoft database to connect to.

 Password secret                // The password for the SDK account in the Hansoft database to connect to.


Specify SSH settings

We recommend that you generate a private SSH key pair specifically for the integration and add it to the authorized_keys file of the user. The keys must be in an OpenSSH compatible format, if you are using Putty you can use PuttyGen to convert existing keys.

Add the SSH settings to use when accessing the Git repository in the section SSHClientSettings.

·To use password authentication, specify Password but leave PublicKeyPath and PrivateKeyPath empty.

·To use public key authentication, specify Password, PublicKeyPath and PrivateKeyPath.


SSHClientSettings "Local"                // Unique identifier for this SSH client settings. Required.


 Password                "secret" // Password for password authentication and/or publickey passphrase

 PublicKeyPath                "sshKeys/gitKey.pub"        // The path to the public key

 PrivateKeyPath        "sshKeys/gitKey"        // The path to the private key


Specify the Git repository

Add the Git repository to integrate with in GitRepository.  For the integration to work the user needs shell access to the repository path.


GitRepository "repo"                        // Unique identifier for this repository. Required. This identifier needs to match the identifier 

                                 // specified in hansoft.conf on the server and local repositories. By default this is the name of 

                                 // the repository (the directory name of the repository without the .git extension).



 URL        "ssh://git@hostname:22/~/repo.git"

 SSHClientSettings "Local"


Specify a reference

Add the reference to monitor in Reference.




 Name        "refs/heads/master"


Finish up

Save and close the Git Integration settings file, then start or restart the Git integration.

In the Hansoft Project Manager, select the project to integrate and open More>Customize Project Integration Settings..>Git Repositories. Enable the Git repository.

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