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Before running the Perforce integration against your live server you should test it against a sandboxed Hansoft server.

It is also preferable that you use a sandboxed Perforce server that you can test against. A trial Perforce server with two resources is adequate.

To run the integration you need to have a Hansoft license with the SDK module enabled. To enable the SDK module on your live license or request a SDK sandbox license, contact support@hansoft.com.



After you have installed your Hansoft sandbox server, log in with the default Hansoft Administrator account, "Administrator". This is the only account permitted  to create SDK accounts.


When you have logged in, upgrade your license to one with the Hansoft SDK module enabled, if you have not done so already. The license upgrade is delivered via e-mail if the server is not connected to the Hansoft license server. If you are connected to the Hansoft license server the SDK module will be automatically enabled when support@hansoft.com has been contacted  and confirmed its activation.



Once you have a license with the SDK module enabled and are logged in as the Administrator user, the Create SDK user button will become visible. Press this button to create the Hansoft SDK Accounts.

You are now ready to install the Perforce integration. The integration runs as a service that connects to one or several Hansoft servers and one or several Perforce servers. This means that you don't need to run the integration on the same server as the one that runs the Hansoft server or Perforce servers. As long as you are able to connect to both the Hansoft server and the Perforce server the integration service can run on any machine.

Run the HansoftPerforceIntegration_X_XXXX.exe installer to install the service. The installer will pop up a notepad  that lets you edit the configuration file for the integration:

The comments in the configuration file document the various settings. The most important part to fill out correctly when the installer runs is the email configuration. All errors and notifications are sent to the administrator through email, so make sure that you have the email correctly configured before you edit the other options.

After you have changed the configuration to your liking, close the notepad  application and the installer will finish and the service will be started.

Any errors are logged to file in both the Log folder of the installation directory as well as via email. If you need to change the configuration you can find the file "PerforceIntegrationSettings" under the installation folder ("c:\Program Files\Hansoft\Perforce Integration\PerforceIntegrationSettings").

When you have changed any settings in the configuration file you need to restart  the "Hansoft Perforce Integration Services" (HPMPerforceInt) service in order for the changes to take effect.

All Hansoft integrations against a Perforce server must be handled by the same Integration Service, even if it is a different Hansoft server that is going to be integrated. This is accomplished by specifying two “HansoftDatabase” sections in the configuration file.

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