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Hansoft LDAP integration

The Hansoft LDAP Integration synchronizes Hansoft users to user accounts in an LDAP directory server, such as Windows Active Directory. It matches accounts on login names and optionally creates Hansoft users for unmatched LDAP accounts, enabling you to easily import your users into Hansoft. Subsequent changes to LDAP account properties are automatically reflected in Hansoft user properties. The LDAP Integration also serves as a gateway for authentication; enabling users to log into Hansoft using their LDAP passwords or no password at all, single sign on (Windows).


Feature highlights

  • Allows your Hansoft accounts to be managed via a centralized LDAP database, for example an ActiveDirectory.
  • Provides single sign on (SSO) for Hansoft users in Windows.
  • Imports users from your LDAP directory into Hansoft.
  • Automatically pairs existing Hansoft accounts with LDAP users.
  • Automatically creates user groups from LDAP groups.
  • The LDAP groups and accounts to import are specified using LDAP queries.
  • LDAP user groups can be mapped to different Hansoft user types, to automate creation of QA accounts, for example.
  • Synchronizes Hansoft user properties such as e-mail addresses and Account Disabled status with the LDAP directory.
  • The names of attributes to synchronize are fully configurable.
  • Sends detailed e-mail notifications about actions performed and errors encountered.
  • Sends e-mails containing login instructions to new users and/or the administrator when a Hansoft account is created.
  • Sends e-mails to users and/or the administrator when an account changes name.
  • The contents of notification e-mails are fully configurable.
  • Automatically convert ghost resources whose name matches an LDAP resource.


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