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Placement of new JIRA issues in Hansoft hierarchy


One difference between Hansoft and JIRA is that Hansoft supports a virtually unlimited hierarchy depth for the Product Backlog and Project Schedule views, whereas JIRA utilizes a more flat structure. Since new items being synced from JIRA does not have any hierarchy data they are by default placed in the root of the hierarchy in the section to which they are synced.

Configuring where to place newly synced JIRA issues

When the integration is fully configured in your Hansoft section of choice, in my case the product backlog, a right-click menu item will be available on your items.


In this menu you select a report to use for finding new items synced from JIRA.


When a new item is synced from JIRA to Hansoft, the integration checks all items configured as insert locations. If the new item is found by one of the reports, the integration will place the item at this location in the hierarchy.

Note: These insert location reports are only checked when an item is created in Hansoft from JIRA, meaning that you are free to move the item from the initial placement once it has been created.

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