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Getting started

Before starting the installation there are some prerequisites that need to be met.

Hansoft server with a license with the SDK module active 

Hansoft server download

For information about acquiring an SDK license please contact Hansoft support

Hansoft JIRA integration  Download SDK & integrations
JIRA server   4.1.1 to 7.7 is supported
JIRA Agile plugin This is needed for the integration to be able to properly sync Hansoft Sprints and Releases to Versions in JIRA

A Windows server for running the integration Hansoft server system requirements


Note: The Agile plugin needs to be installed but does not have to be loaded in any projects in case you are not using this module 

Note: The Hansoft JIRA integration will not run on a JIRA installation hosted by Atlassian(e.g JIRA OnDemand). This due to differences in how plugins are handled.

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