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Trust verification error dialog

When the trust verification dialog indicates an error, clicking the link will diplay the certificate details page. The top frame indicates the type of errors that were found. Read below for troubleshooting instructions on the most common errors.

Hostname mismatch

A hostname mismatch error

Trust verification validation errors usually occur because of hostname mismatches. Most commonly, the hostname in the certificate issued by the server is missing, or different, from the one that your client connected to. There may be several causes of this mismatch.

Server hostname is not specified, or is incorrect

Note: This has to be addressed by an Administrator

In the Administration sidepanel, click the Edit hostname link under the Server hostname section. Fill in the server hostname that your users would use to connect to the server. An example would be hansoftserver.mycompany.com.

Connecting to a server via the wrong hostname

For example, you might have specified your computer name (e.g. MYWORKSTATION) as the server hostname, but are trying to connect to localhost.

Solution: Make sure you are connecting to the same hostname as has been specified in the Server hostname field (as described in the section about Server hostname).


Hostname not found in certificate

Your system administrator may have provided Hansoft with certificates that do not contain the hostname you are attempting to connect to. The system administrator's guide provides further information on where Hansoft looks for hostname information in a certificate.

Compromised server

The server you are connecting to may not be what it says it is. Contact your system administrator, and verify the integrity of your Hansoft server.

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