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Import Hansoft XML data

1. Make yourself a main project manager by click on the Is a main manager checkbox in the bottom window:


2. Go to the project you created. Press More.. on the main toolbar, Export and Import>Import Hansoft XML.

3. Open the XML file you "Saved As" (example name).

Tasks and users will now be created.

You can now select how you wish to proceed with the import.

Update existing items will not create any new items while Create all items again will only create new items. If you select Create all items again and attempt to import an item that already exists, a duplicate item will be created.

Note: This dialog will only appear if you are attempting to import items that already exist in the target project

Note: An import will overwrite any currently existing data in Hansoft

Note: It is not possible to undo an import

It is preferable to select Create all items again in order to verify the integrity of the import. After this has been done you can delete the new items and import them again using Update existing items.


Data fields in Hansoft that are affected by "Update existing items"

• TaskName

• Completed

• PercentCompleted

• Work (-> Budgeted work)

• SetDurationHours

• StartHourOffset

• ColorR,ColorG,ColorB

• LockedToBeSubProject

• PreCreatedColumn_WorkRemaining

• PreCreatedColumn_Risk

• PreCreatedColumn_Effort

• PreCreatedColumn_Category

• PreCreatedColumn_ComplexityPoints

• PreCreatedColumn_ItemStatus

• PreCreatedColumn_SprintPriority

• PreCreatedColumn_MainBacklogPriority

• PreCreatedColumn_BugPriority

• VacationFlags

• QABugState

• QABugSeverity

• LongText

• SecondLongText

• FlaggedAsUserStory

• DateZones

• Resources

• MilestoneName

• ColorR,ColorG,ColorB (for milestones)

• Date (for milestones)

• Hyperlink

• GeneralLinkedTo

• CustomData

• CustomColumnDatas


Data fields in Hansoft that remain unaffected by "Update existing items"

• WorkflowStatusID

• WorkflowPipelineContainerID

• AutoGeneratedWorkflowPipelineContainerID

• AutoGeneratedWorkflowStatusID

• DefaultSubItemWorkflowID

• Linked to milestones

• Committed to sprint

• Scheduled connections

• DelegatedTo (security reasons)

• VisibleTo (security reasons)

• IDHistory

• Comments

• PlannedBy

• CommentPostings

• CCCommentsTo

• WallCustomGroupPosition

• ResourceUsage

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