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Creating and sharing reports

Hansoft has extensive functionality for creating and sharing reports.

The report tool is found under My Reports: next to More.. on the toolbar.


Managing reports

Reports can be created and managed by all users in Hansoft. These personal reports can then be shared with other users and user groups.

Created reports will show up next to My Reports: on the toolbar.

You can place the reports in the "Hidden Reports" folder if you do not want them to show up on the toolbar.

Note that reports are specific for each section. Planning, Quality assurance and Product Backlog.

You can for example not use a Quality assurance report in the Planning section of Hansoft.


Editing and generating a report

When editing a report you have access to a visual query builder, sorting results, grouping results. After editing the report it will automatically update the results in the background Planning section. The report results can also be exported as XML, spreadsheet or tab separated text.

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