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Customize project (Quality assurance)

In the Quality Assurance section, go to More > Customize Project (Quality assurance) to find specific QA settings that will affect all users.

Only main managers have this option.



Email notifications

Quality assurance

Finding bugs



Adding extra columns is a fundamental part of customizing QA to fit your needs.

Here you will be presented both with pre-defined columns as well as the possibility to create your own custom column.

To create your own column, click on Create column.


E-mail notifications

You can have specific E-mail settings for QA. E-mails are delivered in the HTML format and all references to bugs (or tasks) have hyperlinks that link directly into the Hansoft application.

Here you can switch different parts of auto-generated E-mails both on and off:


In addition to this, you can CC new comment posts to individuals or user groups:


You can also notify individuals or user groups when a bug reaches a specific status.


Quality assurance

Select default workflow for new bugs

Hansoft allows you to have many workflows in the QA section. This option lets you specify which should be the default when you create a new bug.

Note that in order to use a workflow as a bug workflow it needs to be available for view in the Quality assurance section of your project. To set the workflow section(s) open the workflow editor at More.. > Pipelines, kanbans and workflows...


On the workflow editor toolbar you will find the option to Set section. Choose either "Quality assurance" or "all" to be able to use this workflow as the bug workflow.


Allow these users to report new bugs

You can also control which users that are allowed to report bugs in the current project. This can also be a user group.



Finding bugs

Finding Bugs

In large Quality assurance projects the number of bugs can reach tens of thousands. In 'All bugs in this project' all bugs are listed by default when no specific keyword or condition is set. You can prevent all bugs by being shown by unchecking this.

Auto refresh

Check the box below if you wish Hansoft to automatically refresh following one minute of inactivity by the user. Refreshing the view means that Hansoft will find bugs in accordance with the current keywords and conditions set by the user.

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