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User stories

Hansoft has extensive functionality to create, edit, view and print user stories. User stories (in agile methodology) are high level feature descriptions formulated as one or two sentences in the everyday language of the user.

You flag backlog items (both in a sprint and in the backlog) by right clicking and selecting Flag as user story:


In customize project you have the option to have backlog items (both in the sprint and the backlog) flagged as user stories by default:


If you open the backlog (Ctrl + D) and select Board you can work with user stories on a virtual board:


You now have a User story area to write in, in the activity details window at the bottom:


You can find all user stories by opening Find and selecting "General - Flagged as User Stories":


If you go to Show on the main toolbar you can choose to show User stories directly in the list:


If you first "Find" on all user stories and then open print and click this checkbox you can print user stories as "cards".

Cards will look like this when printed. Data under the item name (like User and Work) is dependent upon which columns are visible (so if you show Estimated effort as a column it will be displayed on the card):

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