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Hansoft has the ability to store documents on the central project server.

Documents can be uploaded and downloaded from Hansoft Project Manager and can, therefore, be managed independently of their physical location. Hansoft also incorporates full version control, and the documents can be rolled back to earlier versions (click Show file history in the Documents view).

The Documents view

The Documents view emulates the standard behavior of a file browser. Users may read, edit, check in and check out documents. When checking out a document, you become the owner of that document, and only you can make changes to it. Once the document has been checked in, the document again becomes available for everybody else and will be stored as the latest version.

A typical documents folder

Permissions for reading and editing documents

Accessing the file permissions dialog

The Administrator account on the server database always has full access to all documents and folders, as do users with administrator rights, unless this has been explicitly changed by another administrator in the user settings. Users without administrator rights have access to the projects they are connected to, as well as the Global Documents folder. This too can be changed by administrators.

In addition, detailed permissions can be set on all files and folders for everyone except for the Administrator account who has the right to reset all other set permissions

The file permissions dialog

More details on File and Folder tasks

Edit file

Editing a file automatically performs a complementary Check Out operation. The file is then opened in the associated editor (typically a word processor). Other users are now prevented from editing the document as long as you have it checked out. Click on Check in to check in the file once your changes are made.

Read file

Opens the document in the associated editor without checking it out. You can, therefore, make no changes to it.

Show file history

Every time a document is checked in, for example, a new version is stored in the file/document history. A document can be rolled back to an earlier version.

Check out

Checks out the document. Other persons are now prevented from editing the document as long as you have it checked out; click on Check in to check in the document.

Check in

Checks in the document and the new version becomes available to everyone else.

Discard changes

The file will no longer be checked out and the current version of the document will be discarded.


Documents and folders can be either temporarily or permanently deleted. A temporarily deleted document may be shown by clicking on the Show deleted files button on the main Documents toolbar.

Restore deleted

If a document is temporarily deleted, and shown by clicking the Show deleted files button, it can be restored to its original state.

Set permissions

A document or a folder can have very detailed permissions. Please read "Permissions for reading and editing documents" above.

Copy to my computer

The document or folder will be copied or updated from the central project server.

Create new folder

Creates a new folder within the current folder.

Add to current folder

You can add documents from your computer and store them on the central project server.

Documents Policy

As a Hansoft Administrator you can limit the maximum size for each file and toggle the requirement for comments when attaching files.

Go to Admin > More settings (bottom right corner) > Document policy

There you set Size limit in megabytes (MiB) for files attached or added. Zero means no limit.


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