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Portfolio allocations

Examining the allocation of users is important in a number of crucial ways:

·It is preferable to have a smooth 100% allocation of the user over time, avoiding over- and under allocation.

·You want to see where and between which projects there is a conflict if over-allocation occurs.

·You want to get a clear overview of the Portfolio allocations for the whole company or groups within the company.

All things listed above are visualized in the Portfolio Allocations view.

Enabling access to Portfolio allocations

The Portfolio allocations view is enabled in the profile settings for user under the Users tab in administration.

Enabling portfolio allocations for a user

The portfolio allocations view

All users that have access to Portfolio allocations will see the Portfolio section in the left-hand navigation pane.

The portfolio allocations view

All the company users are listed in this view, and all changes that occur in the projects will affect this view in real-time. An average allocation for all users is shown and updated in real-time. This can come especially in handy when one is looking for periods of under- and overallocation for the entire company over time.

For every user, you have a white horizontal bar and zones in different colors that indicate Portfolio allocations from 0% and upwards. In the most zoomed in mode in the timeline view and under the Portfolio allocations zones, you have the hours that the user is allocated to day by day. If you move the mouse over a Portfolio allocations zone a tool tip will pop up displaying important details.

Go to tasks from Portfolio allocations

You can right click on a user allocation zone and go directly to tasks in that zone from any Portfolio allocations view. If you are going to do user leveling, this is a very handy tool. Use F8 to go back to Portfolio allocations after you have corrected the tasks.


User groups

When administrating a user, you can assign a group to a user, like "Programmers" or "System designers". These groups come to use in the Portfolio allocations view when selecting Show all user groups on the top blue bar. One can now see the average allocation for all groups and see all individuals in the group. Also, you can see user groups divided by project.

The portfolio view selector

Please note: the gray zones in this example signify that the user group "Programmers" are allocated in general but do not have any work related to the project


Users in projects

In a similar way to the user groups, Hansoft can divide users into projects, showing the average allocation for these projects. Select Show all projects on the top blue bar. You can now see all individuals in the group and the average allocation for all user groups within the project.

Please note: again, the gray zones in this example signify that the user group "Programmers" are allocated in general but do not have any work related to the project.


Finding users, groups or projects

When pressing the Find button on the toolbar it opens the "Find window". This function is very useful to cut out exactly that data that you are looking for and it works in the same way that a common search engine works (like Google.com). Write the keywords that you are looking for and combine them with a condition below and instantly find the information.


Showing individual allocations in the project plan

One effective way of getting a smooth user allocation or to solve allocation conflicts between projects is to insert the user allocation directly into the project plan, letting it update when you update the plan. This is often essential when performing user leveling. A recommendation for user leveling, except while inserting Portfolio allocations, is to use the arrange functionality.


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