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Project agile and scheduling settings

More..>Customize project...


Configuring the sprint in the "Customize project..." dialog

Sprint settings

There are several settings available that configure the default behavior of sprints.

  • Sprint prediction
  • Default sprint length
  • User stories
  • Time estimating
  • Item prioritizing

Agile general

Hansoft utilizes a weighted average when preforming prediction calculations for the sprint or release burndown. The number of days included in the calculation of the weighted average can be adjusted in More..>Customize project...>Agile and Scheduling. A more detailed description of the Hansoft burndown prediction can be found here.

With "When a backlog item is created it should be flagged as a user story" enabled a notifier will appear next to the item name indicating a user story.

By default sprints contain all project members when created. Keeping a sprint highlighted while creating a new one results in the inheritance of all project members assigned to the highlighted sprint. Sprints can be set to not include any project members when created.

Agile sprint priority

You can also designate which column should be used for setting item priority. This option can be used if you want to use your own custom column to set item priority. Note that in order for custom columns to appear as alternatives in the drop-down list they need to be of the type "Drop list single choice". To read more about custom columns click here.



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