To install the Hansoft client on a Linux distribution, first download the executable file from the Hansoft website. Unpack the file in a suitable location and launch the executable. If you are running Debian or Ubuntu you can also install using a Debian package. 


To uninstall the client, delete the files.

License upgrade

Once you have logged in, it is possible to upgrade your license to accommodate more users. The license upgrade is delivered via e-mail if the server is not connected to the Hansoft license server.

If you are connected to the Hansoft license server it will automatically upgrade when has been notified and confirmed its activation.

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    Marcus Liebhardt (Yujin Robot)

    I installed the Linux client using the deb and tried following the linked tutorial:

    However, I could not find the executable to run. Also the information in this knowledge base did not help me either.

    Finally I found the location by looking into the Debian package - it got installed into /opt/Hansoft/.

    Please update the tutorial and knowledge base pages.

    Thank you.