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Sprint burndown charts

Depending on if you use points and or ideal days, different boards will be visible (like "Points" below) in the burndown chart in the list view. Click each board to switch the burndown chart in the timeline view between work remaining, ideal days or points.

Drawing more data in the chart

You can select the following options to draw more data in chart after you have selected work remaining, ideal days or points as your main chart:

·Also draw ideal days or points

·Work created, changed or deleted

·Work remaining and predictions for individual users (such as "John Smith")

·Work remaining for user groups (such as "Programmers")

·Work remaining on selected items (such as all "design" tasks)

·Ideal burndown line

·Sprint prediction

In the screenshot below there is an example of comparing a past sprint to the ongoing one:


Adding an ideal burndown line

Click More data

Enabling this option will render an "ideal" burndown line on the burndown chart.

For an example see the image below.


You can customize the "ideal" burndown line by going to:

Ideal burndown line>Set custom start day and value

You can then set the start day of the ideal burndown line as well as the starting value.


Note that this option is also available for the release burndown chart.

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