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Managing users in agile projects

It is generally advised to allocate a specific set of users or user groups to a sprint. This can be important when you have separate parallel programming and art sprints.

Accessing the user allocation dialog

Right-clicking on a sprint

Right click on the sprint, and select Allocate users to sprint.. in the context menu. You can also right click on a single user in the People list, and select Allocate users to sprint.

The user allocation dialog

Allocating users to sprints also enables use of the work remaining column.  When users update the estimated work remaining, the user allocation meters on the timeline part of the schedule is also updated to reflect the total work remaining for each user. Additionally, the portfolio section of Hansoft accurately reflects the user allocation across the entire portfolio.

The user allocation section in the schedule timeline


Setting allocations by right-clicking a user

Users can be allocated by a percentage, to accommodate the fact that users can work on several sprints in parallel, or that users might have responsibilities outside of the sprint work.

A part-time allocation to a sprint

Clicking a user in the People section will display a summary of tasks for that user in the sprint. Tasks that are the allocated time will be displayed in red.

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