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Using the To do list

The To do list displays a summary of all tasks, items and bugs that have been assigned to the currently logged-in user, as well as a news feed of recent activity. It is also possible to enable a "Time spent" column.


A typical To do list for a co-worker

The To do list

The To do list has separate sections for each project the user is a member of, which are further divided into sections for sprints, scheduled tasks, and bugs. Each item is presented as a summarised task, showing the task name (with the sub-project path, if applicable), the status, and the work or time remaining on the task. The user can freely change status and their work remaining estimates.

Any new items will be signified by a  icon, also increasing the counter on the To do list entry in the left-hand Navigation pane. Items with new comments will display the New comment icon .

Item details


The To do list with the Item details window active

For more in-depth management of tasks, the To do list can show a Details window for the selected item. This is done by either double-clicking an item, or by navigating to and selecting Show>Show Item details window. This menu also contains other visibility options for tasks, such as optionally showing archived or completed items.

Enabling the Item details window

If the user wishes to see the item in its context, Clicking the Planning section icon  will display the item in the Planning section.

Sub-project sorting

To access the sorting options click on the currently active sorting mode that is displayed in the "Sort on" column.

The To do list while displaying sorting options

Columns added to the Planning section will also appear as sorting options.

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