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E-mail configuration

Hansoft can be configured to send an e-mail when a user's schedule is updated, before a release or when a task comment has been posted or edited. Project managers may, for example, get an e-mail when a task is completed.

The Configure e-mail button

Configuring an e-mail server connection

The E-mail settings dialog

The most important field in the e-mail settings dialog is "Outgoing SMTP server name". This is what enables Hansoft to send e-mails. Once filled in, it can be verified by clicking View e-mail status in the Administration side-panel. A successful connection includes the line "Successfully connected to SMTP server."

A successful e-mail verification session

Setting user e-mail addresses

E-mail settings for users

With a valid e-mail connection set up, an administrator or a main project manager can specify e-mail addresses for users in the Users tab of the Administration section.

E-mail settings in projects

Each project (and the Quality Assurance section of each project) can have its own configuration for when and how to send e-mail.

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