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Allocating users to a project

Users can be added to projects either by right-clicking their name in the user list and selecting the project directly, or by assigning them in the Projects tab of the administration section.

Adding a user to a project from the Users tab

Adding a user to a project from the Projects tab

Adding users can be done either by right-clicking a user in the Users tab, or by clicking the Add / remove users to project button in the Projects tab. This will show the user allocation dialog. Double-clicking a name will move it from available to allocated, or vice versa.

The user allocation dialog

Note: Users can take on different roles in different projects -- a user can be a main manager of one project, but a passive observer in another. This is determined by the project user settings. It is recommended that you review these settings after allocating a user.

Removing a user

Select a user in the project in the right column and press the Remove user button. When you remove a user from a project, all references to the user in the project will be removed.

Warning: This operation cannot be undone!

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