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Project user settings

For every project, the users allocated to it each have profile settings associated with them, controlling what they can do in the project.

Typically, a Main manager is someone who has the full access to the project and the project plan, and who delegates parts of the project to subproject managers. A main manager in Hansoft enjoys the ability to manage the resource allocation. Any number of users can be main managers.

Note: The "main manager" privilege is project specific.

With "Limited visibility" enabled (as explained in the limited visibility article) the user cannot access any information beyond what has been explicitly made visible to them.

Additionally, users can be set up to "access the project history".

When used in conjunction, "Limited visibility" and "Can access project history" is suitable for observers who might want to evaluate the performance of a development team. They take no part in the planning, but can evaluate things like release slippage.

Tip: When you have finished configuring the profile settings for users in the project, you can proceed to make a project schedule.

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