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Creating and managing projects

Projects are created and managed in the Projects tab of the Administration section of Hansoft.

The Projects tab in the Administration section

Creating a project

Create a project by clicking the Create new project button on the toolbar.

You can now choose between agile or task scheduling project methods as a default mode for the project. You can always switch between task scheduling and agile any time during the project life cycle.

If you have created an agile project, please chose an existing agile method template or create your own.

You can also select two different project methods with task scheduling: "Fixed work" and "Fixed duration". Select the one that suits your needs. You can read more about the differences between the method in the Fixed duration and fixed work section of this help manual. Also select how tasks should be completed, binary (yes or no) or percentage (0-100%).

Notice: The project you have created is empty. The application will now ask you if you want to add the users you have created to the project. If you want to do that now, jump to the Add/remove users to project section of this help manual.

Deleting a project

Select the project that you would like to delete and click on the Delete project button on the toolbar. When you delete a project, all associated data such as tasks, releases and assigned work will be deleted permanently.

Warning: This operation cannot be undone!

Editing a project

You can change the properties of a project by clicking the Edit project button on the toolbar. You can change the name, mode and project method. All changes will have immediate effect on the project server and to all clients connected to it.

Method templates

You can rename certain elements of Hansoft by selecting one of the custom templates from the Method template dropdown seen in the above image and clicking Edit custom template. You can for instance rename "Quality assurance" to "Issue tracking if you prefer as seen below.

Archiving a project

You can archive a project by clicking the archive flag in "Edit project". Archive when you are finished with a project. It removes all information from the To Do list, main application tab, users usage, etc. When you need to access it again, just remove the archive flag and retrieve the information you want (project history, schedule etc.).

Add/remove users to project

Jump to the Add/remove users to project section of this help manual.

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