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Creating and managing users

In order to allow others to log into Hansoft you must first add them as users. Adding users can be automated using the LDAP integration.

Users are managed by Hansoft Administrators and the list of users can be found under Admin > Users.

The User List

The user list shows all users in the current database. In addition, deleted users who had their allocations and tasks retained will also be displayed.

  • Name shows the full name of the user.
  • User group(s) shows the groups that the user belongs to. Read more about allocation and user groups in the Portfolio allocations section.
  • E-mail is used for automatic messages sent from the Hansoft Project Server. Read more about activation and usage of E-mail in E-mail configuration.
  • Status gives information about the user at a glance, it has the following states:
    • Offline - User is not logged in
    • Online - User is logged in
    • Syncing - This user is currently logging in and syncing data from the server.
    • Deleted - User has been deleted but assignments and history has been kept. This user can be recreated.
    • Locked for use - A user can become locked if the user was shared from another server and the share has been removed or disconnected. Users locked due to a share disconnecting can be converted into home users from the toolbar and will then be able to login again.

Creating a user

Create a user by clicking the Create new user button on the toolbar. Fill in the name and password for the user. It is also possible to set a "Sorting name" for a user account. This allows the user to be sorted after the sorting name instead of the display name. When you create a user you also create an account on the project server where your user can log on. In this account the user will find all their work planned in the To do list.

Tip 1: Name your user with his/her full personal name, for example John Smith.

Tip 2: We recommend you read this article about different Roles if this is the first time you configure Hansoft.

Select the user you have just created and edit the User Profile:

Log on to the Project Server (Default: Checked)

Uncheck to temporarily and quickly disable the user from being able to log in to the Hansoft server. Note that the user will still consume a license seat also if you uncheck this option.

Administration Access (Default: Unchecked)

Makes the user a Hansoft Administrator with full access to the Admin section of Hansoft.

This option is unavailable for QA users.

Portfolio Allocations Access (Default: Unchecked)

Gives the user the possibility to use the Portfolio Allocations feature.

This option is unavailable for QA users.

Documents Access (Default: Checked)

The user use the Documents feature.

Dashboards Access (Default: Checked) 

The user can use the Dashboards feature.

This option is unavailable for QA users.

Can Share Dashboard Pages (Default: Checked) 

The user can share Dashboards.

This option is unavailable for QA users.

Deleting a User

When deleting a user, a choice can be made to retain assignments and task history. Otherwise, the user will be permanently deleted, with no option to restore them.

When you permanently delete a user, all references in the projects where they have planned tasks will be removed, as well as their account on the project server. This operation cannot be undone, so be careful. Additionally, be mindful of any repercussions related to the SDK, or to any integrations that might be affected.

Undeleting a User

If you mistakenly delete a user, but choose to keep the assignments and history the user can be undeleted by selecting the user and going to the 'More' menu and clicking 'Undelete users':

Editing a User

You can edit the properties of a user by clicking the Edit user button on the toolbar. When you change the name of the user, all references to this user in the project planning will also be updated.

Adding a User to a Group

There are two ways to add users to a group: Either by right-clicking the user and selecting the groups via the "Member of User groups" menu (where you can also create a new group), or by using the "Edit user" dialog.

Adding a user to a group using the context menu

Adding a user to a group using the User groups section of the "Edit user" dialog

Show/Hide Users

Show QA users

Check to make QA users visible when managing users in the "Admin" tab.

Show deleted users

Check to make deleted users visible when managing users in the "Admin" tab. Users that have been permanently deleted can not be shown.


Convert ghost users        

See Ghost users

QA accounts

See QA user accounts

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