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Moving and upgrading your Hansoft server

This article will cover the basics steps of how to both move a Hansoft server to a new server host as well as do a server upgrade.

Optional: If you have large databases and as a result long backup times it might be helpful to first install and configure the Hansoft backup service as a first step.

Download: Backup service

Backup service manual: Hansoft support portal


1: Set the database(s) to ‘Loaded’ in the server administration client. From now on no users will be able to log in until the migration has been completed. 

2: Take a full backup including documents of the database(s). This will also move all current changes in the transaction log into the database file, leaving the transaction log empty. 

3: Take a second backup of the same type. This backup file will now contain all data, both from the database and the transaction log.

4: Move the backup file created in step 3 to the new server.

5: Install your current Hansoft version on the new server and import the database backup. You now have a copy of your production server on your new hardware. If you do not have the installer for your current Hansoft server available, contact support@hansoft.com for assistance. 

6: Upgrade your new Hansoft server to the latest version of Hansoft by running the installer and pointing it to the install directory of the already installed version. For more help on this step, see the different server upgrade articles.

7: Let a select number of users who know the tool well confirm that all the data has been transferred before letting all users log in.

8: The upgrade is now complete The old server can now be shut down and all users can switch over to the new server.


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