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Limited visibility

Limited visibility is vital if, for example, you want to connect outsourcing partners or other external project partners and let them see only a part of the project.

Set Limited Visibility for a user

The Limited visibility option hides all items in the planning and backlog views for a user. To give a user limited visibility in a project go to the ‘Projects’ tab in the Admin view, select the project and under ‘Settings for members of <project>’ select the user and check the ‘Limited visibility’ option.

Note: Users cannot be main managers AND have limited visibility at the same time.


 Restricting a user using the limited visibility setting.

Toggle visibility within the project

A user with limited visibility must be given visibility of an item in order to see it. To toggle visibility of an item right-click it, select ‘Visible to…’ and select the user or user group to which the item should be visible.

Note: Making a parent item visible to a user automatically reveals all child items in the tree to that user.


Setting Limited visibility on a parent item.


How the limited visibility setting affects the user.

Hiding QA items
Limited visibility does not affect the QA view. Instead main managers can set up detailed access and restriction rules to manage visibility of QA items. See the ‘Detailed access and restriction rules’ article for more information.





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