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Backup Options and Strategies

Hansoft stores the database on disc which means there is a high level of flexibility to move and backup the database. This article covers different recommended backup strategies based on your context.

There is a built in backup system in each Hansoft Server. This feature takes automatic backup of the Hansoft database at for example upgrades. The details of scheduling backup tasks is covered in this article.

Context  Recommended Backup Strategy 

 Small Team

< 10 users

< 1 Gb database size


10-300 users

1-100 Gb data

  • Use Hansoft's built-in backup tool. Configure according to company policy.
  • Store backups on separate disc.
  • Regularly check time it takes to do a backup so that it does not take an excessive amount of time.
  • If you use a virtual machine: take regular snapshots of the machine.


300+ users

100+ Gb data 

  • Set the built-in backups to be of type 'Database snapshot' as it can be taken without affecting users and is fast.
  • Use backup service in order to reduce backup times for Full Backups.  
  • Alternatively, use other third party backup services, such as Virtual Machine snapshots.


Known issues

Backup does not have time to finish

In case the backup cannot finish before the next scheduled backup takes place users may notice that:

  • No change history is accessible
  • No access to attachments
  • Server administrators can see that backups are queued in the server log file

If this is an issue we recommend that you explore using the backup service for Full Backups on a weekly basis and take incremental backups during the week.

File system is filled up

If your file system is being filled up you will notice that your server will shut down gracefully and your databases will be put in the status 'Loaded' - and cannot be accessed by the users.

If you are not able to add disc space to the server you can clean or move the backup files from your backup directory.

It is highly recommended to monitor disc usage on the Hansoft Server to ensure that actions can be taken before the disc is full. You can have parts of the database on different disks using symbolic links.

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