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Advanced release tagging

When working with release tags in Hansoft it is not uncommon that you need to update a large amount of items at once, adding, removing or replacing a specific release. Below you'll find a couple of examples of how to efficiently use the release tag dialogue.

Note that changes in the release dialogue are not applied until you hit the "OK" button and you can always discard pending changes by hitting "Cancel".

Releases/milestones in Hansoft are explained in more detail here: Releases/milestones


In this setup all three tasks are tagged to the same release which is reflected by the ticked boxed in the dialogue. A non ticket boxed means none of the selected items has the release set.



The black squared tick box indicates that the items are in an indeterminate state. One item has "Release 1" set, none of them have "Release 2" and two have "Release 3". 



Ticking the box for "Release 2" and hitting "OK" will add it to all marked items.




Continuing on the same example you realize that "Release 3" should be removed from all items. Simply open the dialogue and un-tick the box for "Release 3" and hit "OK".





Using the same setup, selecting "No release" will replace all existing tags with "No release" and all other releases will be grayed out.




If you have any questions or is unsure on how to use the functionality, feel free to contact us at support@hansoft.com.



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