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Lead & Cycle Times

To shorten time to market is one of the promises of agile and lean. This article walks you through how to measure this in Hansoft.


There is often confusion around the terminology, mainly due to the various context and relevance of measuring time between different organizations.

However, when talking lead time we should always think of it as actual calendar time. In contrast to how Time spent works for example, where you ask people to track the time for you manually.

Here is one example:

  • (Customer) lead time: The entire time from when demand was created to when it was satisfied.
  • (In progress) cycle time: The time the items spends in a part of the process to satisfy demand.


Note: You have to be a main manager to configure the columns.

To track the lead and cycle time per item we first need custom columns to track the dates:

  • Date created: This is when demand was created (you could use the default column 'Originally created on' if you want to)
  • Date in progress: The first time this item was set to in progress
  • Date completed: The date the demand was satisfied

Create the three columns:

  1. Go to More > Customize Project in the project or product backlog view.
  2. Click on Create column
  3. Ensure the type is Date
  4. Change Fill in current date when to:
    • Inserting new items for Date created
    • In progress for Date in progress
    • Completed for Date completed


Lead time column:

  1. Create column of type Function
  2. Write this function: "Date completed" - "Date created" + 1
    • Note: we add the +1 so that, for example, if an item is started and finished the same day the lead time will be 1 and not 0 days.


Cycle time column:

  1. Use this function: "Date completed" - "Date in progress" + 1

You can use the columns in the dashboard section as well.

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